D&G Dolce & Gabbana

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I adore D&G's contemporary line at Neiman Marcus! Especially that pink bustier dress! The back is what realllllly made me drool! Too bad the price is, well, a tid bit pricey at nearly $900.00! I must say I've never really been fond of Dolce & Gabbana, it's always just seemed tacky...what am I saying?! None the less, I like it now, so all is well ;-)

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Looking around on fashion forums lately, I've noticed that on almost every page there is a post asking about totes. Where can I get one? Is this one cute? Etc. Etc. So...with out further a do....here are just a few of many totes available this fall.

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Totes are super. Much more appealing than backpacks. Though, sometimes a backpack is more favorable than a tote comfort wise. Another option are messanger bags. I have a cute one from a couple years ago that I still use, it's hot pink, with a detail on the front flap of multi colored ribbon. I like to put on pins for a more personality.

Here are my two favorite totes:

J. Crew &&Loop by Transversion

Just keep on searching, and you will find that tote that you just fall in love with. My Loop bag is actually from TJ Maxx for half the price! So check TJ Maxx or Marshall's. Every store you can think of...Old Navy, H&M, Gap....! Good luck! :)